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What are Advanced Cosmetic Procedures?

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures are the harmless, comfortable and efficient way of removing skin blemishes using Electrolysis. This type of therapy has progressed to become the definitive way clients turn to remove imperfections of the skin. Advanced Cosmetic Procedures can be used to treat the following.:


Thread Veins are small veins that appear in the skin. Often found on areas around the cheek and nose, this condition can be caused by factors including exposure to harsh weather, ageing and smoking.


Spider Naevi are centralised, dilated blood vessels with capillaries radiating away from the centre, similar to those of a spider's legs.


Campbell de Morgan (Bloodspots) are bright red blemishes, sometimes raised, found most commonly on the trunk or torso.


Skin Tags are very common and can be found on the neck, under the breast and in other areas of friction. Although completely harmless they can be unsightly and irritating.


Milia are small, hard, white lumps commonly found on the cheek bones close to the eye.


Warts are unsightly and irritating blemishes which can be successfully treated with electrolysis.


Varrucas are warts that appear on the soles of the foot. They can often be painful due to the weight of the body pressing down on them.


Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra is a condition that causes coloured papules to grow in areas around the face and neck but may be found in other area of the body.


Sebaceous Cysts are small lumps found beneath the skin containing keratin. These cysts are usually found on the face, neck and trunk areas but can appear generally anywhere on the body.



Some imperfections may be dealt with in the duration of one appointment but others will require further treating. You will be advised of this during your initial consultation. Some blemishes may require written consent from your GP.

    Advanced Electrolysis

    Treatment is carried out on a fifteen minute basis following a free initial consultation session.

    15 minutes - £15

    30 minutes - £30