Green Chilli Development

Offering a wide range of Waxing, Electroysis and Threading hair removal.


    Threading of Lip or Chin



    Lower Leg Wax



    Lower Leg, Bikini & Under-arm Wax



    Lower Leg & Brazilian Wax



    Lower Leg, Bikini or Under-arm Wax



    Threading Eyebrow Design

    Threading is an ancient method and is becoming increasingly popular. It is fantastic for sensitive skin types as it does not effect the skin.

    Threading works by a cotton thread being pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion which lifts the hair right out of the follicle. Results last up to six weeks.



    Full Leg Wax



    Full Leg, Bikini or Under-arm Wax



    Full Leg, Bikini & Under-arm Wax



    Bikini Wax (standard)



    Extended Bikini Wax



    Brazilian Wax



    Hollywood Wax



    Under-arm Wax



    Fore Arm Wax (from)



    Back or Chest Wax



    Lip or Chin Wax



    Lip & Chin Wax




    15 minute treatment