Green Chilli Development

H2O is a L'Oreal Professional Salon, offering many of the L'Oreal treatments, and achieving excellent results every time.


INOA inoa

Discover an odourless and ammonia-free permanent hair colour. L'Oreal INOA is the lastest advancement in the hair market. A superb oil delivery system provides the best permanent colour result while causing no harm to the natural protective outer layer of the hair.

L'Oreal INOA comes in many shades and each of these ensures even colour from hair root to ends. L'Oreal INOA also gives white hair perfect coverage up to 100%.


Ammonia free semi-permanent colour with white hair coverage of up to 70%. Leaves hair with a rich colour and exceptional softness.


A gentle, ammonia-free highlighter creme, with long lasting results, leaving your hair luminous, natural, and golden.


Our team of experienced Hair Stylists are on hand to offer you an 'in depth' complementary consultation, to help with advice on all hair treatments and products to determine the perfect result for you. A patch test is required 48 hours before any colour application.